by Frank

August 23, 2021

Things are popping off in Portland!

The Proud Boys and Antifa are in an all out war and there’s basically no cops getting in the way.

Proud Boys tipped over Antifa’s van and it was all on video:

The far left and far right are finally getting to battle it out, something many of us have been wanting to see for ages!

I love it! I want to see both sides go absolutely nuts in a parking lot and just destroy each other.

I want absolute madness, mayhem, and the craziest stuff they can do to each other.


As long as it doesn’t come to my neighborhood, then what the heck do I care?

I feel bad for the people in Portland who have to deal with this.

Seems like the cops aren’t getting involved anymore, and why the heck would they? If the cops stand in the middle of this battle, then the cops are just going to get hurt and hated by everyone.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

It’s finally time to let these two groups battle it out and get it out of their system.

If we don’t let them fight it out, then they’re always going to be doing this in little bits at a time.

Just let them fight for once.

They want to, they’re going to, so let them.

In fact, the city of Portland should put Antifa and the Proud Boys in an arena with no weapons and put it on pay per view.

Why not, right?

I would watch it, wouldn’t you?

They’re gonna fight anyway, so may as well put it on pay per view and make a few bucks so we can all watch at home with some popcorn and the comment section.





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