by Frank

June 13, 2020

Some protesters were blocking traffic and holding up Black Lives Matter signs. Two of the people who jumped into the middle of the road came across a Jeep that had a Trump flag on it.

As the Jeep drove through traffic and tried to get out of there, people were screaming at them and throwing items at them.

Unfortunately for the Jeep and the multiple passengers, they had the roof off and were getting hit with items and were in the open air, unsafe and able to be attacked if the protesters wanted to gang up on them.

When the two protesters jump in front of the jeep, at different times, the driver hit the gas.

If they got blocked in traffic, they were going to be very unsafe as people could swarm them and hurt them.

That’s when the driver of the jeep pressed on the gas a little bit, got one protester out of the way. The driver slammed the breaks as the protester got back in front, but then another one was in the path of the jeep too.


That person got a little nudge from the front end of the Jeep and the driver finally escaped.

Here’s the video:

Protesters jump in front of Jeep, driver hits the gas at Trending Views

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What protesters don’t understand is this – putting signs in people’s faces, throwing things at them, blocking traffic, and screaming at them will never change a person’s mind.

Acting crazy and putting people in danger is not how people get a civil point across and when protesters finally realize that, then maybe people’s minds might start changing.




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