by Frank

December 9, 2020

It’s on like Donkey Kong! Portland protesters forced the police out of a neighborhood when they were trying to re-secure the “Red House on Mississippi” – a home with quite a popular story in the area.

The family in the house had originally paid off the house back in 2002, but then needed to refinance when a family member needed an attorney. The home was eventually foreclosed and purchased by a developer back in 2018, but the family has never apparently left and now protesters have occupied the area.

Cops clearly lost this battle and were forced to retreat as they were outnumbered and assaulted by flying objects. Mayor Ted Wheeler authorized cops to do their job, something he was criticized for because Portland has been ravaged by violence for months, but Wheeler was busy being a bum.

Watch the video here, which shows a Portland Police cop vehicle exiting the area while protesters trash it. The video was originally posted on Twitter by Benjamin Young Savage:


Oregon Live put the whole story in more professional words, saying the following:


The confrontation had begun hours earlier when law enforcement officers arrived about 5 a.m. at the home to allow the new owners to erect fencing and board up the house. Police said while officers were standing on the property’s perimeter, a crowd began to gather and officers were struck by projectiles such as rocks and paint-filled balloons.

Portland police said they arrested seven people after encountering numerous trespassers and one person with a gun, and officers recovered other guns on the property.

After fence and cleanup crews finished their work in the morning, officers left the area, police said. But the crowd pulled down the fence and entered the property, spurring police to return.

The crowd swelled to about 200 people, and violent clashes ensued. Law enforcement ultimately retreated as police vehicles were damaged, including at least one window smashed. Protesters threw rocks at officers and one sprayed a fire extinguisher at them, prompting an officer to deploy an impact munition.

Oh, you had me at fire extinguisher. Watching people get sprayed with those is always funny to me, but I have a weird sense of humor, so totally ignore that one.

More on the Red House on Mississippi history and story here.




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