by Frank

July 21, 2021

That’s a huge truck.

And that’s a line of protesters making a human chain in front of them, guaranteed not one of these protesters can bench press more than a cat, and they start pushing on the gigantic metal beast like they’re going to collectively gain superpowers and stop a truck.

Like, dude, what are you smoking?

You couldn’t stop that truck with ten linebackers from the Denver Broncos if they were on steroids and turned into the Hulk. That truck right there is a BEAST and it can literally push and pull vehicles the same size as it.

Did the protesters really think a few flesh and bone pencil-shaped people were really going to push a darn truck backwards? Come on, man!



So what was the protest about? Well, obviously racism. It’s a black truck, so the driver must be a racist.

But no, really, they were saying “no justice, no peace, no racist police” and I’m looking around in the video wondering what the truck has to do with anything and why these protesters are gallivanting at a gas station.

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If you ain’t got a gas tank to fill, then GTFO of the way.

So the protesters kept pushing on the truck and the driver inches up to get some gas.

He gets out.

He’s like 100 years older than Jesus and just wants to get some fuel.

He literally wants nothing to do with the protest or the protesters, but they just harassed a guy who looks like walking fossil in need of some gas for his monster beast mode truck.

But hey, when white liberals attack, this is what it looks like.

What’s funny to me is that these are white people protesting against racism, like they’ve ever felt an ounce of racism in their life.

The only people qualified to chant these things against cops are people who’ve truly experienced racism.

These are white yuppies who probably have thousand dollar iPhones and order $7 sugar-bomb diabetes drinks at Starbucks.

Take a hike and let that man get his gas!

Adam Ford can’t even believe this video isn’t satire. Poor guy, just wants to watch a good video and stumbled across this gem – didn’t know e was going to find cinematic gold!




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