by Frank

August 28, 2020

Protesters were following former Secret Service agent and now political podcaster and personality, Dan Bongino and his wife. They were yelling at them, calling the wife names, and Bongino gave a very subtle response telling them to watch his show tomorrow.

And sure enough, he posted the video of the incident on Twitter with the caption: “Told these BLM terrorists to watch my show today after they followed us for over a mile threatening my wife and I and calling her a “bitch-ass.” I promised I’d make them famous. Don’t miss the show for a full explanation of how ugly it really was.”

If there’s one thing that protesters don’t get, it’s this – terrorizing people and burning things down will not change anyone’s minds on who we vote for. Every time they do something like this, it creates more Trump voters and pushes people further away from caring about the protesters needs.

After all the riots, looting, and protester violence – I don’t know how anyone could ever vote for a Democrat ever again. There’s just no sound logical reason to support any Democrats for any position if this is the behavior they support and stand for.

I don’t care who’s running for any election, my vote will automatically be for the red candidate – and come this November, it’s for the orange one! Tsk Tsk!!

If protesters remained peaceful and worked with politicians on real world solutions, then we would get somewhere. We would make progress. But right now, we can’t do anything because the protesters are just acting like angry step-children who woke up with red hair.


These folks are angry, we get it, but they’re making the rest of the country angry by destroying parts of cities. Thanks to these protests, there’s been shootings, people being attacked, cops under siege, Democrat mayors failing pathetically to do their job like Ted Wheeler over in Portland who should be arrested and wrecked in a prison shower by all of D-Block.

Americans stand for and respect the desire for change, but they will not tolerate the intolerance and the civil disobedience that is destroying our cultures, our cities, and our people.

A note to protesters – we heard your message loud and clear, but all this acting out your doing is only stalling your progress.

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It’s time to grow up and start working together on solutions, not attacking people and thinking they will all of a sudden listen to you or care – because guess what – every time you do that, you push people further to the right at the polls.

Now go home and start yourself a new day tomorrow without breaking anything or attacking anyone.




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