by Frank

December 12, 2020

Here’s a person giving a message to whatever audience is there. He appears to be part of the autonomous zone in Portland, perhaps a member of Antifa, or there in solidarity with the group.

He has an interesting piece of metal strapped on his shoulder and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Also, his interpreter probably has a lot easier of a job than the people who interpret Joe Biden speeches when he’s having a floozy of a time spitting out his word salads.

So just thinking about a hypothetical situation. What would the reaction be if this person giving a speech with his weapon was a Trump supporter? How would the conversation be different? What would people say?

Would it be the same, just opposite sides of the political spectrum? If he’s licensed to own and carry, then there’s no problem, right? Because if it’s 100% legal, then no one can really complain, can they?

Some other things I was thinking. Why did someone vandalize a stop sign with BLM? If you’re going to live in the autonomous zone, then why are you vandalizing your new little neighborhood? That doesn’t seem like a very nice thing to do. The last thing I would do when I move into a new made up faction of Portland is start spray painting it. Because, that makes a lot of sense, right?


If that was a Trump supporter, would people be like “OMG HE HAS A MACHINE GUN!!! RAAAAHHHHHHH!!!”

Anyway, good luck in Portland with this Antifa mess and here’s the video of the guy with his giant machine gun assault rifle protest slayer.

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