by Frank

September 17, 2021

Texas Senator Ted Cruz crushes what could be Joe Biden’s biggest blunder. Cruz says the Afghanistan withdrawal was a disaster and claims that Joe Biden isn’t running the show anymore – it’s “political operatives running the show” – and he dives deep to bury the president.

Cruz focused the withdrawal process and claimed lack of vetting, bringing people to America who were not properly looked into first. Cruz wrote: “Biden’s botched Afghanistan evacuation was both underinclusive and overinclusive. Underinclusive because Biden didn’t prioritize getting the Americans out. Overinclusive because instead of prioritizing Americans, Biden basically started grabbing people with no vetting.



Cruz continued to target President Biden’s security (or lack of) regarding the people who have arrived in America. Cruz says the vetting was so bad that even one jihadi could be in the mix and cause terrible damage. Cruz suggested that there’s no security in terms of people being able to come and go – he says the evacuees who arrived here might be free to go at will – but the lack of, or improper, vetting is what appears to have him worried.

Anyone arriving in America as part of the evacuation of Afghanistan should be held until they are properly vetted. If they appear safe, then that’s fine. If they have any reason to cause authorities concern, then that should be handled by the appropriate team accordingly.


If Joe Biden’s administration rushed to get all these people on planes, but didn’t rush to vet them properly, well then that was an absolutely terrible mistake that could be more costly than we know. Proper vetting should always be a priority because we need to keep America safe.

We can do a lot of good things with a lot of great people, but sometimes just one person can cause mayhem and if vetting can help reduce that chance, then it should be done no matter what.

So what is America doing about this?

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Well, according to NBC News, if evacuee Afghans raise concerns, then they might be sent to Kosovo for further vetting. The United States is sending at least two Afghans back to Kosovo due to security concerns.

NBC News reported the following:

The sources caution, however, that federal officials are acting out of abundance of caution, and just because a person is flagged does not mean they are a terrorist or pose a threat. Something in their profile — their name, background or a number in their cellphone — raised enough concern that they could not be permitted to stay in the U.S. pending additional review, according to the sources.

“A lot of people were moved very quickly and the intelligence community has been working hard to evaluate whether any of them pose a threat,” said a senior federal law enforcement official. “Some of the vetting occurs while they are overseas, and some of it occurs here … We are not going to allow people to intentionally be released into the community if they have unresolved derogatory information.”

Any other evacuees who trigger similar concerns will also be sent to Kosovo, said the sources.

This is likely what Ted Cruz was talking about in the sense that people were moved so fast and some people with bad intentions could have slipped through.

It must have been nearly impossible to vet anyone during the evacuation with people running towards planes and hanging on the landing gear. Can’t exactly ask them for their ID if they’re outside the airplane in mid-air.

Which raises another point – how do we vet people? Do we ask for their ID?

Just saying, ID is kinda important and we should use it for voting.





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