by Frank

July 17, 2021

FOX 32 reports discusses the staggering amount of police officers retiring in Chicago thanks to the crime, failed Democrat leadership, and even the calls to defund the police. The crime is reportedly “out of control” and further reported is the possibility that “gang members now outnumber the city’s police officers by 10 to 1.”

WATCH the report:

I don’t know about you, but any cop in Chicago who is able to retire, would be very, very wise to do so. It’s like they’re not getting any help, there’s no support, and the Democrat leadership under failed Lori Lightfoot is just a disaster that’s not showing much improvement.

Lightfoot suggested crime stats were down from last year, but that doesn’t mean everything is sunny in Chicago.

You know, only 85 people were shot in one weekend, with 14 fatally, and this is Lori Lightfoot’s inability to control her city.



When it comes to gang members, the NY Post reported on the ratio of cops to gangsters:

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Gang members in Chicago outnumber law enforcement officers about 9 to 1 — as officers are on track to retire in record numbers this year, police said Wednesday.

Police Superintendent David Brown estimated last year that there are about 117,000 gang associates, who are part of the city’s 55 known gangs.

The number greatly exceeds the city’s police force, which employs around 13,000 officers.

The disparity may be even worse due to the droves of cops retiring this year, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The Chicago Sun Times reported on the alarming number of police retirements back in June of this year, with the number of cops retiring being higher than all of 2018 at that time:

More Chicago police officers have retired this year than in all of 2018.

That’s according to the latest figures from the police pension board, which show that, from January through June, 363 officers have left the Chicago Police Department, and another 56 are expected to retire in July.

“We are on track, I believe, to have one of the highest retirement numbers in the city’s history,” says Ald. Ray Lopez (15th), a frequent critic of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

The department — which has roughly 13,000 sworn officers — had 560 retirements in all of 2020, 475 in 2019 and 339 in 2018.

To make matters even worse, Lori Lightfoot keeps saying she does not support defunding police, but when the budget proposal was released – it showed they would eliminat numerous CPD jobs and reduce the police budget. So, isn’t that technically a defunding of sorts?

As reported by WTTW:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has repeatedly said she’s not in favor of defunding the Chicago Police Department, but with position reductions, budget cuts and investments in a new pilot program, the city may be rethinking the way policing will work.

Lightfoot on Wednesday unveiled her 2021 city budget proposal, which calls for the elimination of more than 600 vacant CPD positions and a 3.3% reduction to the department’s budget, bringing it to $1.69 billion amid ongoing calls to significantly reduce spending on police.

“I have been equally clear that I do not support defunding the police,” the mayor said during her budget address. “And while this term means different things to different people, in this moment, in Chicago, we cannot responsibly enact any policies that make communities less safe.”

Democrat Lori Lightfoot makes no sense whatsoever. Chicago is crime-ridden and they are proposing a reduction in police spending and eliminating over 600 positions? Even though the positions are vacant, don’t they think there’s a reason WHY they’re vacant? Not to mention the fact they have to find a way to fill the positions and get tough on crime, rather than rolling over and starting a pilot program to send mental health professionals out with police.

Further reported:

But Lightfoot did note that police cannot be the “first and only responders” on each call for service. That’s why she said the city will spend $16.5 million on community-based violence reduction efforts, including a new $1.3 million co-responder alternative dispatch pilot program.

Through the program, officers responding to certain mental health crisis calls will be joined by a trained mental health professional, community paramedic and crisis intervention-trained officer.

This would be done, according to the mayor’s budget proposal, in an effort to provide crisis intervention support and connect individuals facing mental health challenges to the appropriate services.

That’s fine, but that isn’t going to solve the violent crime problem plaguing Chicago.

Former President Donald Trump offered to send the National Guard to help in Chicago, but disgraced Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot said “not gonna happen.”

How does she sleep at night knowing her city of Chicago is a disaster?




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