by Frank

July 27, 2020

Police in Austin, TX, have released the man who admitted to shooting a Black Lives Matter protester who allegedly approached the man’s car with a weapon. The suspect was released and there is a pending investigation on the matter, as stated by the Texas city police chief.

The man who fired the shots called 911 himself. He was detained by a homicide unit, interviewed, and released. His story was that someone came up to his car with a weapon during the protest and pointed the weapon at him. That apparently prompted the man in the car to fire his weapon, which he has a conceal carry license for.

The shooting of the BLM protester was caught on camera and the video was posted online. It might be used as evidence for or against either party in the situation.

BLM protester shot after approaching car with a weapon; report at Trending Views

It appears that the man driving the car turned onto a street full of protesters. They surrounded his car and some of them were banging on his vehicle and windows. One of the protesters was holding some sort of rifle, said to be an AK-47 type (not confirmed) and that’s when the chaos erupted for the worse.

The man who was shot, named Garret Foster, 28, also had a license to carry. (per Fox News)


After the initial shooting, the driver sped off and someone else fired at his car as he drove away.

Both men’s guns and the main shooter’s vehicle were apprehended as evidence in the case.

It’s unclear what will happen next. There might be more video evidence to state either case. If you see any other videos or photographs on this situation, feel free to share them with us so we can update this story.

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