by Frank

May 10, 2021

It was NOT all fun and games during this heated confrontation between motorists and Black Lives Matter protesters that lead to heavy criticism of the police in Plano, Texas.

BLM received permission to protest after Marvin Scott had died in police custody on March 14, but that did not exactly mean BLM was permitted to block traffic.

Once the BLM protesters blocked traffic at an intersection, that’s when one irate motorist got out of his vehicle, walked up to the agitators, and demanded they get out of the way.

They screamed at each other a bit and the man went up to the police officer to demand that he clears the road – to which he did not, as far as the video shows. At some point in the altercation between the motorist and protesters, one of the protesters appears to have a weapon.

The police officer blocked the people from confronting each other further, but did not appear to clear the roadway. If the police cleared the road later, that part was not shown in the video below.

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The police are now taking criticism for allowing BLM protesters to block traffic.


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After the protest, someone complained that a counter-protester threatened the Plano police officer and wasn’t taken into custody, per Dallas News report:

The session’s first speaker, Quincy Okafor of DeSoto, said a counter-protester threatened a Plano police officer during a demonstration Saturday but was not taken into custody.

“It’s really sad to see that gentlemen that are not of my skin tone, or that are white, are able to get away with stuff like that,” said Okafor, 30, who is Black.

Okafor said they need more police escorts during their protests, then said he doesn’t appreciate the police watching them have to BLOCK traffic. However, a judge fired back reminding him that they were doing something illegal in the first place.

“I know what we’re doing is risky, but at the same time I don’t appreciate Plano or Frisco sitting back and watching us have to block off traffic or not intervening until something escalates,” he said.

“You mentioned what you’re doing is risky,” County Judge Chris Hill responded. “I’ll just point out what you’re doing, actually, is illegal, but thank you for your comments.”




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