by Frank

December 10, 2020

Gosh dang it! What is with people this week? Here’s a store owner who claims he was pepper sprayed by a woman who was accused of stealing, and he confronted her on it.

Looks like she whipped out the pepper spray and took matters into her own hands before verbally lashing out at people and marching out of the store.

This took place at the Kitson store in Beverly Grove, LA, and you can watch it on video below.

Let’s be honest, she seems like a really nice lady who just doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone when she’s shopping. Hey, excuse me, did you put something in your purse without paying for it? Oh, here’s some pepper spray in your face, don’t ever accuse me of stealing again!

Now let’s look at this from both angles. If she WAS stealing and the owner confronted her, then he was totally in the right.

If she was NOT stealing, and he confronted her and he got pepper sprayed for it – well then I don’t blame her one bit.


Look, all I’m saying is that if I was accused of stealing and I wasn’t actually stealing, I’d probably pepper spray them too.

Who am I to judge!

I would like to see some security footage before passing judgement though, that’s for sure!

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Either way, seems like the police are on the prowl and want to have a little discussion with the woman because pepper spraying someone probably is a form of assault, and not exactly the most legal reaction she could’ve had.

Also, folks, I cannot lie. I am mildly attracted to this woman and think she would be “hot” in the sack, but that’s probably because she brings pepper spray to that too! (laughing emoji here)




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