by Frank

August 9, 2021

Looks like the United States military personnel will be required to get their COVID-19 vaccine by mid-September according to news reports.

The Pentagon has issued a statement requiring it thus far and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will be seeking the approval of potato head puppet President Joe Biden, who is likely to say yes in my opinion.

Joe Biden is basically a puppet at this point and Kamala Harris is, wait, where is she? Does she even work anymore? What the heck is the point of Kamala Harris anyway? She’s do nothing hack milking the government for a salary with her dweeb husband.

The Hill has the official report:

“I will seek the president’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon” final approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “whichever comes first,” Austin wrote in the memo to troops.

He added that Pentagon officials “will also be keeping a close eye on infection rates,” currently on the rise now due to the highly contagious delta variant. If the rates begin to impact military readiness, “I will not hesitate to act sooner or recommend a different course to the President if l feel the need to do so. To defend this Nation, we need a healthy and ready force.”

OK. I don’t care.

I want the USA military to destroy everything in their path and if a little shot helps them be healthier and stronger than every opponent, then I fully support that.


Just watch this and imagine if they couldn’t pull it off!

If it keeps our soldiers from being sent to an ICU, then why are we being stupid about it? Just because a Democrat agrees with science, doesn’t mean we should automatically disagree with them on it.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Democrat politicians are some of the dumbest people on the planet, but the one thing they’re getting right is that we really should be adding this to the list of our shots. It’s for our own good.

A lot of people are rejecting the shot because a Democrat said to get it. Well, forget about politics. Science is NOT politics.

Science doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican. It’s a medical thing – you get the shot so if you do get sick, it’s not as bad.

Just like the flu shot. Just like other vaccines you got when you were kids.

The Hill’s report further stated:

“Secretary Austin and I share an unshakable commitment to making sure our troops have every tool they need to do their jobs as safely as possible,” Biden said in a statement.

“Being vaccinated will enable our service members to stay healthy, to better protect their families, and to ensure that our force is ready to operate anywhere in the world. We cannot let up in the fight against COVID-19, especially with the Delta variant spreading rapidly through unvaccinated populations. We are still on a wartime footing, and every American who is eligible should take immediate steps to get vaccinated right away,” he said.

The Pentagon now adds the coronavirus vaccine to the list of more than a dozen shots it requires service members to get, including shots for measles, mumps, diphtheria, hepatitis, smallpox and the flu.


The last line right there. The Pentagon already requires shots for other things. SO WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WITH THIS ONE?? Do you want our soldiers getting ANY of these things?

I swear, some of you folks out there are just denying a health benefit that is FREE because of politics.

Turn off CNN and FOX News for five minutes and realize what the heck is going on.

I literally have the rona right now.

I can’t smell anything. I can’t taste anything. I was in a mild state of confusion the other day.

I had NO CLUE I had this until a doctor told me to get tested. I thought it was allergies or a cold.

NAH, it was much worse.

I legit can’t even smell anything. Someone farts in a room, I don’t even get to laugh at it.

Can you imagine our troops if there’s an outbreak and they can’t smell? They could be walking into a field full of gasoline and if they don’t smell it, they’re doomed.

A good friend of mine had it. He’s in his 30’s and was having insomnia. Do you want our troops being tired when they’re supposed to be ready to crush enemies and kick their skulls in?


I want the most healthy military we can imagine, so they can rip the arms off the dirty enemies and feed them to rabid dogs, not feel too weak to engage in battle or make mental decisions that require the most clarity.

If that takes getting one extra shot, then so be it.

We used to make fun of anti-vaxxers for our whole lives, and now all of a sudden some of us are becoming them.

We will be the dumbest country on the planet if we don’t get it together.




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