by Frank

September 1, 2021

Seems like there’s been quite a bit of misinformation going around the ol’ Interwebs this week, and a LOT of people fell for it. I’m talking about everyone from regular people like us, to verified accounts, congresspeople, etc – just about everyone out there in some sorta way.

Turns out the post people were sharing was all BS that caught a lot of wind when the blue checks screamed it out to their echo chambers.

So here’s what happened. A photo showing a damaged helicopter with some yucky looking dog crates in front of it was shared and the story was that America left these service dogs in Afghanistan after they did their last evacuation flight.

And literally none of that was true.

Those dogs in question were not service dogs belonging to America. So no, we were not bringing them home because this is not their home. There’s also a law or rule that says you can’t bring dogs to America from a country where rabies is running wild, like in Afghanistan.

Also, do you honestly think any American soldier working with a service dog would ever abandon them like this? No chance that ever happens. The people who work with service dogs treat them like family and would not ever, in a zillion years, leave their dog in a sh*thole like Afghanistan. Not even if they were ordered to – they would sneak that dog on the plane somehow. You better believe that.


So who’s dogs are in the picture?

Well, it appears that they are part of an animal rescue program over there in Kabul.

So despite the photo looking like it should have Sarah McLaughlin music playing and asking me to send them a quarter each month, the dogs aren’t even ours.

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These dogs belong to Afghans. Heck, even we wouldn’t have cages that bad, sheesh!

Taking one look at this photo and I was like, no way these are our dogs. Our cages would be a lot nicer and our United States military men and women would never leave their dog behind. We live by that rule and we love our dogs in America.

I honestly can’t believe anyone fell for that, but that’s how social media works. The people with blue checks next to their name share things and we’re like OMG IT MUST BE TRUE, then the Pentagon themselves come out and deny it and tell us straight up that all of our dogs came home and they would never leave them behind

So anyone sharing that story about it, they played us like a fiddle and we all clicked on it and read it, but if you read the story in detail, you’d see most people didn’t really have any details!

These are technically not American military dogs. They’re not ours. We can’t just take them home, and being they are from a country where rabies is fairly high, we certainly cannot take them. I know people love dogs, but we also need to remind people that America brought home all their own dogs according to the Pentagon. I think if anyone’s dog was left behind, that there would be a TON of troops on social media calling it out – but there isn’t.

Here’s what was reported:

On Tuesday, the Pentagon denied that any dogs that had worked with the U.S. military were left behind in the country while acknowledging that a series of social media posts about nonmilitary evacuation of Kabul pets caused confusion.

“To correct erroneous reports, the US military did not leave any dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, to include the reported ‘military working dogs,'”  said Eric Pahon, a spokesman for the Defense Department.

The Defense Department, however, denies that any military service dogs or contracted animals were left behind in the country.

“Photos circulating online were animals under the care of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue, not dogs under the care of the U.S. military. Despite an ongoing complicated and dangerous retrograde mission, U.S. forces went to great lengths to assist the Kabul Small Animal Rescue as much as possible,” Pahon said.

He noted the “priority mission was the evacuation of U.S. citizens, SIV and vulnerable Afghans,” not animals.

The Defense Department further cited “customs regulations” as a hurdle in evacuating the “stray dogs” from the country. The department did not deny the authenticity of the viral image but did contest that the animals had worked with the military in any capacity.

“Kabul Small Animal Rescue told us they had a contract plane coming, but that flight never showed up or contacted us. All our working dogs left with their handlers. We would not leave them behind. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous,” Pahon said.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prohibits the travel of dogs from countries with a high incidence of rabies to the U.S. Afghanistan is among those countries.

So where did the photo of the cages come from? They are property of Kabul Small Animal Rescue.

And check this out. There’s a Twitter account trying to raise money to bring those dogs home, even though this is not their home and they are not our dogs – and they are taking donations like they’re gonna fly over there and pick them up. I’m pretty sure the Taliban would be happy to see them!

The account soliciting donations is being called a scammer by multiple people and Kabul Small Animal Rescue even said they are basically NOT associated with this person.

So once again, another grifter taking advantage of people’s money. There are no more flights going to Afghanistan. The mission is over. There’s still about 100 Americans over there and there’s still no flights going to pick them up as of now. So when you see this account below asking for donations, well, then you better read the room first, because when a lot of people call you a scammer, then that’s not a good thing.

Here’s some screenshots of what they posted vs them getting called out for possibly scamming people out of donations. This is why I don’t donate to anything that comes from random people and NEVER donate to a politician. You’re a clown if you’re GIVING MORE MONEY TO RICH PEOPLE.

I blocked out the names so you don’t end up at the page donating to it and losing your money.









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