by Frank

January 2, 2021

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco was vandalized with spray paint, fake blood and a pig head.

The vandal wrote “Cancel rent!” and “We want everything!” in black spray paint on Pelosi’s garage. They left a pig head on the ground in front of the garage and spilled fake blood, according to Kron 4.

The vandal appears to be upset about the inability of government to provide stimulus checks of $2,000, and instead deciding on $600 for most Americans.

Maggie Vandenberghe posted the following message about what happened: “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: @SpeakerPelosi’s house VANDALIZED with red paint, PIGS HEAD & spray-painted message “$2K (crossed out)… CANCEL RENT… WE WANT EVERYTHING”. City called to clean up at 3am & police attempting to stop photos of scene. Media SILENT.”

Authorities were called to clean up the mess, but the vandalism was covered by trash bags at some point, according to a post by John Dennis.

He wrote on Friday afternoon:


Lunatics leave pigs head & graffiti at Nancy Pelosi’s house. Appalling.

@FogCityMidge is right. News is ignoring. I took this picture just 5 minutes ago. They are literally covering it up. Dems like Pelosi will learn sooner or later: you cannot appease the violent left.

Pelosi House Trash Bags

The vandalism looked like this:

Pelosi house vandalized

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The vandalism might be cleaned by now, but the point was made loud and clear what they want from Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the government.

Many Americans are suffering by being out of work and some of the instances are due to government restrictions or lockdowns.

To have the government send a $600 check was an insult to many.




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