by Frank

July 29, 2021

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might want to eat some crow or start calling President Joe Biden a moron.

The Capitol physician provided new guidance that required politicians to wear a mask on the House floor. Democrats and Republicans got into an argument over it. Most notably was House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy who was very vocal against the House of Representatives new mask mandate.

Speaker Pelosi responded to McCarthy’s criticism, and when asked about it, she said McCarthy was “such a moron.”

As stated on ABC News:

“That’s the decision from the Capitol physician, a mandate from him,” Pelosi told reporters. “I have nothing to say about that, except we honor it.”

Asked about McCarthy saying the decision was not “based on science,” she replied, “He’s such a moron,” as she got into her car.”

Then we head over to Pennsylvania where Joe Biden is touring Mack Trucks and talking about manufacturing and probably babbling on about stuff and forgetting where he is.

At some point during Biden’s trip to PA, he was in a crowd full of people, shoulder to shoulder with them, and he wasn’t wearing a mask, and neither were most of the people surrounding the president.


So what we have here is a Democrat Speaker Pelosi scolding a Republican GOP lawmaker for speaking against the mask mandate at the House of Representatives, while the Democrat president is out in public without wearing a mask.

Sure, there’s no mask mandate where Joe Biden was in public, but if the House of Representatives is instituting a mask mandate for themselves, then it might behoove Joe Biden to wear one to lead by example.

Pelosi is calling McCarthy a moron for not wanting to wear a mask, but there’s her president not wearing a mask.

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Time for Nancy Pelosi to call it a day and start stuffing her face with a few crows for this one.

It’s just funny that she insults one person for not liking a mask, but then when President Joe Biden is seen without one, you have to wonder if she’s going to ignore it or start calling Joe Biden a moron too.

So what’s that crow taste like, Nance? Is there an ice cream flavor named after morons or crows?

Oh, and how close was the president to a large group in public? Well, pretty close. Joe could probably smell so much hair during his PA trip, it’s not even funny.

We can thank Howard Mortman for these photos!




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