by Frank

July 31, 2021

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has some ‘splaining to do.

Pelosi recently broke the latest mask mandate put in place by a physician.

It was Dr. Brian P. Monahan who stated that masks are now mandated in all House office buildings, the chamber, and committee rooms. Monahan also stated that anyone not following the mask mandate risks being denied entry and faces being fined if they try walking into the chamber without a mask on.

Monahan made the mask mandate after the CDC recommended “vaccinated individuals wear masks in public indoor spaces in places where coronavirus infections are surging.” Furthermore, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Forbes earlier on Tuesday the decision on imposing a mask mandate is ultimately up to Monahan, whose guidance her office enforces.”

Speaker Pelosi, at some point after the mandate was put in place, was seen breaking the mandate just so she could take a photo with someone.

Here’s Speaker Pelosi removing her mask for a photo. Literally breaks the mandate her office enforces. This is where people start to call Democrats a hypocrite.


Even worse, House Speaker Pelosi was calling Kevin McCarthy a moron because he criticized the mask mandate.

But now she’s taking her mask off just for a photo? If there’s a mandate in place, then take the photo with the mask on or go outside and take the mask off for the pic.

She can’t just get caught on camera taking off her mask and breaking the mandate and not be penalized for it. She deserves to be fined so that everyone can set an example out of her and show that even if you’re at the top, you can’t be breaking the rules without a consequence.

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How can she call McCarthy a moron and then be there taking off her mask for a photo? What a hypocritical thing to do.

But hey, that’s what a lot of Democrats are anyway – just “rules for thee, not for me” type of people who look down at their constituents while using them to get votes through broken promises.

If you think a Democrat politician really cares about you, then think again. They do just enough to keep themselves in a 6 figure job.

Look at AOC. What has she done that’s been beneficial to our country? She likes to dish out Twitter slap-backs, but that’s about all she’s good at.

There’s Republicans who don’t do much too, but at least Republicans have the ability to make some policies based on common sense.

Speaker Pelosi deserves the maximum fine and nothing else will be acceptable for her actions.

Fine her or get rid of the mandate.




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