by Frank

September 29, 2021

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounded a little bit confused as she made a major gaffe mixing up two presidents.

Pelosi was talking about keeping the government open and she referenced ‘Obama’s agenda’ with that of President Joe Biden’s building back better agenda. Pelosi might not remember, but Barack Obama isn’t president anymore and Joe Biden is. Well, technically Joe Biden is president, but I don’t think he knows how to do the job very well as his approval ratings don’t look too good these days.

WATCH House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mutter her way through this dreck of a video:


Now can someone please tell me what someone her age is still doing in politics? What’s the purpose of this? Why would she want to be working right now when she’s clearly worth a lot of money and can quietly retire somewhere out in a forest with a freezer full of ice cream?

Why does this old bat still need to trot herself around the Capitol like she’s some form of goddess when she’s basically a walking skeleton at this point, one that might have imbibed on a few drinks here and there. Of course, that’s just my opinion and commentary, not to be confused with suggesting she’s sitting at the watering hole every night, because honestly – who knows. And honestly, WHO KNOWS!?


Anyway, someone tell Nancy Pelosi to retire and take Chuckie “I only know how to read from my podium” Schumer with her.




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