by Frank

December 6, 2020

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy claims Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admits to holding up relief aid in an attempt to hurt President Donald Trump.

McCarthy posted this on Twitter, “Nancy Pelosi admitted today that she held up COVID aid for months to try to hurt President @realDonaldTrump, yet the people she hurt the most are American workers and small businesses.”

Oddly enough, the video McCarthy posted and his statement don’t really seem to match. He’s making one point while her video seems to be making another, so this is likely just another attack on Pelosi and people will eat it up. Although, we know one thing is true – that government sure didn’t pass a second relief bill and people’s businesses are seriously hurting when they’re forced to close!

Pelosi is seen babbling in the video that McCarthy shared and she calls Joe Biden a “total game changer” and then she makes a weird comment. She said, and this part confused a lot of us because it sounds like gibberish, “what was then before was not more of this…”

Huh? Yeah, I am not sure what she’s blasting on about. All I know is that our government has failed Americans by not passing a second relief bill while people are being forced into shutdowns and having their businesses closed.

If the government closes your business, then the government should provide provide funding to keep that business open until the lockdown is removed.


Don’t force people to close their businesses and then do nothing when they are forced to go OUT of business as a result.




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