by Frank

December 22, 2020

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed the $600 stimulus checks are a significant amount to working families, but I don’t know who this geezer thinks she’s fooling.

When Speaker Pelosi spit the words out of her mouth, I could not believe she had the gall to say it. With all the millions in the next relief bill going to other countries, I literally could not believe this out of touch ice-cream eating living in a big huge house and not missing any paychecks out of her six-figure salary seriously HAD THE NERVE to say that $600 is a significant amount to a working family.

She said it and it’s right here on video for all of us worthless American peons slaving to the system to listen to. This is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and all of Congress who voted YES on this bill spitting on us and rubbing it in with dirt.

This is what Congress thinks of us, whether your right, left, center – they do not care about us. We are not in their club and we never will be. We are just here to work, pay taxes, and then get shafted when we’re told to stay home from work and they think $600 after being on lockdowns and having restaurants closed down is acceptable.

Just watch Nancy Pelosi on this video below. Listen to her “significant” voice pander over a microphone as she probably has $600 worth of food in her expensive refrigerators, but regular folks out of work haven’t had $600 of food all month.

Does she realize that parents who have been out of work during this time can’t even catch up on bills with $600? Does she know that just missing an electric bill for a few months during summer could easily surpass the $600 spot?


Or how about people who have rent to pay? Rent in my area is like $1200-1500. Rent in a place like NYC, forget about it! You’re lucky to buy a bag of pretzels with $600 in NYC after all the tolls, gas, and Advil you need for the headache of being there in the first place.

Since Congress is busy giving us the shaft, let me just bend right over so they can shove the giant stick of the American dream in even further and not even have the common decency to give us a reach around.

Folks, when was the last time Nancy Pelosi was part of a REAL working family?

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