by Frank

January 10, 2020

Former President Barack Obama’s DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, stands up for Trump and says he had “ample Constitutional authority” to take down Gen. Soleimani.

This is quite interesting coming from a member of the Democratic Party who worked under Barack Obama. Johnson puts partisanship aside and speaks out for what he believes is true.

From what we understand, Trump acted on his own, called the strike at an opportune time, had success, and now a known terrorist has been eliminated. This has sparked a major conversation across America with people taking sides, some even blaming Trump for things such as the passenger plane going down, despite evidence that it was Iran who did it by mistake; something some Democrats are calling collateral damage because of Trump.

The debate on whether Trump should have notified Congress before taking action has heated up, as Democrats speak out against his actions, while many others support it. Trump claimed during a rally in Toledo that he didn’t tell Congress, or all of Congress about it, because then he risked the information being leaked to the “fake news” media.

Trump commonly refers to the mainstream media as “fake news” and he certainly has his share of leaks coming out of the White House and Washington in general.

The conversation, with Jeh Johnson, about Trump’s military action took place on Fox News and was captured on video and shared by RNC Research.






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