by Frank

August 8, 2021

Former President Barack Obama is having his big 60th birthday party tonight.

He was rumored to have 700 guests on the way, then 500, then scaled back to closed friends and family. Or maybe it was scaled back to 500.

Either way, I don’t give a crap what Obama does. I hope he has a big fun party, because we should all be having big fun parties whenever we want. It’s America, right?

The media and anyone else who calls big gatherings super-spreaders need to shut up about it and let people live their lives and make their own decisions.

If you got the shot and want to go out and live your life, then that’s your choice. After all, what did you get the shot for in the first place?

The funny thing is, I was out partying all summer and was fine. Except right now, I actually have the virus right now and it kinda sucks because I’m stuck inside for 10 days so I don’t spread it everywhere.


I got both the PCR and the rapid antigen test, to make sure I got accurate results as best as possible. Both came back with a “you need to stay home for 10 days” kind of response!

But get this – I have very mild symptoms. A stuff nose, headache, and a slightly weird feeling in my chest. Had a fever yesterday, but not today. So the point is this – if I didn’t know I tested positive, I’d be out partying again this weekend. That’s how this stuff can really spread, when you don’t realize you have it because the symptoms are so mild you brush it off as a cold or allergies, or whatever else.

And for me, I had gotten the Moderna shot, so I might consider myself lucky that these symptoms are just mild for now. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse. And no the shot is not 100% effective, but it seems to have made my symptoms less severe (as based on my own personal experience, not scientific facts or anything like that).

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Now to tie this into Obama’s birthday party – there might be people there who have the virus and don’t know, but they still go to the party with mild symptoms because they don’t want to miss the big event.

There might be people in a store or at the ball park or anywhere else with the same situation.

You know, if you just got a little cough, you may not have any idea it’s the ‘rona, but if it is, how would you even know?

People who get a little cough or something else that’s very mild never really stay home.

Another big point to make here is the double standards when it comes to the dishonest media. They’ll call one big event a super-spreader, but if it’s an Obama party, they’ll act like it’s no big deal.

The media needs to stop being so partisan and screaming into these moron echo chambers full of idiots consuming stupid media.

Fox News, CNN, they’re all opinion shows just telling YOU what you want to hear.

It’s like the days of the people who sit in the middle and call out the BS on both sides are nowhere to be found, because if you’re one of those people who can recognize the idiots on both sides, then you never fit in anywhere.

It’s a darn fact that there’s complete idiots on both sides of politics, and if you think that’s not true, then you’re one of the idiots.

Let Obama party, who gives a crap.

Not me, because I been partying all summer and hopefully doing the same next summer!

Just don’t be like the media and lie to us and act like his party is OK while others aren’t.

The media needs to have some damn standards, consistency, and honesty for once.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s party tents are bigger than like 100 of my tiny apartment.

The tents make his mansion look small!

WATCH the video of a drone flying over the tents at Obama’s party:




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