by Frank

January 3, 2021

NYC’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio was once on camera telling people not to go to Times Square for New Years Eve celebrations, because of the current situation we’re in.

He told everyone to watch from at home and don’t go down there.

Make no mistake, Bill de Blasio and his wife went straight to Times Square for NYE and danced on camera for everyone to see while they were still at home and he was at the one place he told everyone else to NOT go to.

But of course, that’s part and parcel for being a Democratic mayor who’s well known for being a hypocrite.

This is a big part of the reason that voters are losing trust in politicians. They say one thing, then they do another. They make rules for us, but not for them. We’ve seen numerous Democrats doing things like this all throughout 2020 and quite frankly, people are tired of it.

people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her hair salon scandal, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney shutting down restaurants, then going out of town and eating in a restaurant, and many more examples.


Leaders are supposed to lead by example, not lead by telling everyone else what to do, then doing the opposite of what they just said.

WATCH the videos of Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio acting like a hypocrite:

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