by Frank

September 17, 2021

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is asked about claims that Florida received less of a key antibody treatment that can be used after someone gets the ‘rona to help reduce severity. The reporter, Emerald Robinson, specifically asks about Florida and suggests the red state was to receive a certain number of this treatment, but then was set to get much less.

Psaki claims “that’s not accurate” and runs off some numbers. Psaki also claimed that the disbursement of the treatment had to be equitable in that one state shouldn’t get more than the next. This could mean Florida was set to receive a higher number, but because of being equitable, perhaps some of the treatments were sent to another state. This is simply what Psaki is saying and I don’t have a way to prove anything one way or another unless a government statement is released or Ron DeSantis confronts them over it.



The results of people taking this treatment seem to be up in the air. One report says the treatment may have worked, but that the lower numbers of infections could be due to the “natural course” of the virus in general.

Orlando Sentinel reported:


“We do believe the Regeneron therapies are making a difference in reducing hospitalizations,” said Dr. Vincent Hsu, AdventHealth’s executive director of infection prevention. “I think we have made a difference in some people in giving these infusions.”

Statewide, about 14,886 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 Wednesday, down nearly 10% from a week ago, according to the Florida Hospital Association.

That decline could also be influenced by the natural course of the virus, Hsu said. Case numbers have leveled off or are falling in other hard-hit states, including Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri. University models showed infections peaking in mid-to-late August in Florida.

As usual, I am no medical expert and this information is provided by Orlando Sentinel. Any updates or corrections will be made as needed.




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