by Frank

August 8, 2020

Nicole Arbour was shaking things up on Twitter when she dropped this truth bomb that probably made half of Hollywood and Washington DC run for cover. She conjured the Epstein flight logs and posting the caption saying “You know who WASN’T on the Epstein flight logs? This guy” and posted a picture of her with Keanu Reeves.

The John Wick, Matrix, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure star surely wasn’t on the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs with the rest of the weirdos and creeps who traveled with (or without) the disgraced financier who had all sorts of trouble, allegedly, before he didn’t kill himself in prison.

Now that Ghislaine Maxwell is locked up, we’re all waiting to see what type of dirt she dishes out or if this story vanishes after she doesn’t kill herself too.

What happens next? No one knows, and honestly – we probably won’t ever know.

But keep your eyes peeled on the Epstein/Maxwell news anyway. If she turns on them, it could be insanity ripping through the nation if big time celebrities and politicians are exposed.


Or, she’ll just end up in a cold storage room like Jeffrey and, well, that about wraps it up unless there’s another person out there willing to talk.

But we all know what happens then, right?

Anyway, I’m more interested in the 4th Matrix movie than anything. You can all worry about that Epstein stuff. I’ll be watching my sci-fi movies and relaxing on the couch doing nothing productive.

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