by Frank

May 15, 2021

A recent Israel strike demolished a building that housed news agencies like Associated Press and Al-Jazeera. The occupants of the building were given a warning the strike would happen so that everyone could safely exit the building.

The IDF states the reason they bombed the building is because it also housed Hamas militant figures who were using the building as well, hiding behind the civilians and journalists like a human meat shield.

When people began posting that the building was bombed by Israel strikes, some people casually left out the part about the Hamas terrorists being in the same building.

By doing that, many people believed that Israel was simply striking that building for no reason – but there was a reason – it contained their enemies.

Here is an example of one person saying how Israel destroyed their building, but she left out the part that tells people it contained terrorists.

Also, here is the IDF taking responsibility and explaining why the building was hit by an airstrike.


Julie Pace should have let people know in this same tweet the reason why it happened. It’s devastating, yes, but people deserve an explanation to have the full context of this unfortunate situation.


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Office building with AP and Al-Jazeera bombed, completely demolished; REPORT at Trending Views




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