by Frank

August 24, 2020

Looks like we have a problem here folks. A black NBA player was caught on camera saying ‘B*tch A** White Boy’ to a white player and so far, we don’t have a suspension (not at this time).

We’re in the middle of the NBA playoffs and it’s heating up, even with the fake fans. There’s alawys trash talking in pro sports, but it’s not always racial.

LA Clippers forward, Montrezl Harrell said to Dallas Mavericks star player, Luka Doncic, a white Slovenian player, that he’s a “B*tch A** White Boy.”

No one really seems to care that he said it because it’s not that bad of a comment, and when you’re in playoff basketball, it gets nasty. However, the big problem we have is that Harrell needs to be suspended. If the races were reversed, then Doncic would have been immediately suspended. If he called Harrell a “B*tch A** Black Boy” – the whole Internet would’ve been on fire calling for a suspension, probably get suspended from the team, and maybe even kicked out of the league.

But since we’re fighting for equal rights that we already have, and we have dumb sayings on NBA jerseys like “equality” – then it’s only equally fair that Harrell is suspended for the same reason that Doncic or any white guy would’ve been suspended for too.

Fair is fair.


Harrell has since apologized, but who cares?

In this case, I would look at past cases that involved something similar and give Harrell the same punishment. Maybe it’s just a fine – and that’s fine with me because this is the playoffs and I honestly don’t believe in suspending anyone for talking trash, even if it’s racial.

These are grown men. Let them handle it on the court.

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Anyway, here’s the video of Doncic getting called a racial term. Would you suspend or fine this player?




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