by Frank

September 10, 2021

That poor teacher. He weighs about 120lbs soaking wet and he’s stuck between two Mack Trucks fighting in class.

These ladies are arguing in the classroom and they had enough. They get up, fight, and the teacher guy puts in a 1% effort to show he tried breaking it up, but since those are ladies, he really needs to stay out of it.



Well, that’s about as uncivilized as it gets. The inmates are running the asylum folks. There are children coming to class who have no sense of respect for their teacher, their classroom, their classmates and they don’t even care if they get suspended.

They should be waiting to fight until after school so no one gets suspended and they don’t ruin class for the civilized kids.

But this is a result of terrible parenting. When you don’t want to raise your kids right and you’re too stupid to be a good parent, then this is what you get.

It’s not the public education system, it’s the terrible parenting who sends these horrible behavior students to class.

If you’re gonna fight, then do it AFTER school so you don’t get in trouble AT school.

Fights in high school always happen, but they should never happen IN class.

Don’t your parents teach you ANYTHING??

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