by Frank

December 25, 2020

Sen. Mitt Romney does not support sending stimulus checks for higher amounts to Americans. The disgraced RINO of Utah simply disagrees with President Trump’s call to provide a stimulus check higher than $600, but Romney isn’t having it.

Trump wants Americans to receive $2,000 and have foreign aid cut down out of the omnibus bill, so that Americans benefit more and those outside of the country get a little bit less.

Romney didn’t even want people to get $600 checks if they were making a certain level of income, which is staggering because despite anyone’s income level, this entire country is feeling the wrath of the virus, lockdowns, and various degrees of restrictions. It’s safe to say that any money coming from the government and into the hands of Americans is likely to flow right back into the economy in one way or another.

It’s not like people are sitting home on piles of cash under their mattress, because in many cases, people’s savings are starting to be wiped out as well.

According to KUTV:

Romney helped craft the bill, but said he was not in favor this time of even the $600 checks for individuals making $75,000 or less, $1,200 for couples with incomes up to $150,000 — and he seemed no fan of the higher amount.

“If we went to $2,000 per person, the additional borrowing would be up to almost $500 billion,“ Romney said during a virtual meeting sponsored by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. “Someone’s got to pay for that. We can’t just have free money.“

In response to Romney – he’s right, someone does have to pay for it. That’s why we should cut foreign aid and put more money into hands of Americans instead of ridiculous things like a Pakistani gender program which was somehow part of the relief legislation, and literally makes no sense whatsoever. That should be the first thing cut because it’s wasted spending and no one needs that, not even anyone in Pakistan needs that nonsense.


Here’s a few things Romney was OK with:

Still, Romney did not seem opposed to other big spending in the bill, including nearly $300 billion in new Paycheck Protection Program loans and grants, $47 billion for transportation, money for education, payments to landlords, and $13 billion for farmers and ranchers.

What does $47 billion for transportation do to help us if no one can afford to travel? What exactly does this have to do with relief for the American people? Does this cover the paychecks of people in the transportation line of work? If so, then that makes sense. But if not, then it better be investigated and negotiated in or out.

Right now, Americans need relief and we also need to stick by the guidelines to stay safe.

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It’s time for America to get back on track, but we must do it safely, and we need to hold the government accountable for wasted spending.

They do not deserve a raise, nor do they need one, and if that is somehow packaged in the 5,000+ pages of relief legislation, then President Trump better find a way to strike that out immediately.

If there’s ever wasted spending to be discussed, it’s certainly the overpaid politicians who we’re wasting money on, that’s for sure.




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