by Frank

November 30, 2020

Maybe it all makes sense why Snoop Dogg was calling shots during the Mike Tyson exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Iron Mike has recently admitted to smoking weed before the match, but he said a lot more than that in a recent interview that took place. Apparently the boxing legend smokes every day and even stated that he smoked it right before the match!

No wonder these guys were doing an exhibition instead of a real match where they could knock each other out.

As stated on Lad Bible. Tyson said “I smoked every day, I never stopped smoking,” and when he was asked about doing it before the match, he replied “Absolutely, yes.”

He went on to say: “It’s just who I am, it has no effect on me from a negative standpoint. It’s just what I do, what I am, and how I’m gonna die. There’s no explanation, there’s no beginning, there’s no end.”

Then, when he was asked whether the weed numbs any pain from taking punches, he replied: “No, it just numbs me, it doesn’t numb the pain.”

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg joked that was like watching two uncles go at it during a barbecue. Tyson is 54 and Roy Jones Jr. is 51, so it definitely had that angry old uncles fighting over college sports vibe, but the exhibition rules wouldn’t let them truly go at it.

The rules for the match included things like shortened rounds, heavier gloves (softer on their pretty faces), no knockouts allowed, and if someone got a cut, they would call the whole thing off.


Many fans were upset when they learned of these rules and had already shelled out the cash to watch what amounted to a paid sparring match with no judges that ended in a draw.

That probably doesn’t bother Mike Tyson though. He cashed in nicely for it and maybe puffed his way to the bank right after. Although Tyson is a lot cooler than we thought and has suggested he’s going to donate his winnings back to charity.




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