by Frank

November 11, 2019

Mike Rowe went on Fox Business and was asked about the $1.5 trillion federal student loan debt. Rowe had no problem slamming the student loan crisis, suggesting that we’re rewarding behavior we should discourage.

Rowe has no problem speaking his mind on any topic he’s asked about, so it was no surprise he gave a quick and interesting answer to Stuart Varney’s question about the student loan situation.

Rowe was quoted by Daily Wire as saying:

“We have unintendedly maligned an entire section of our workforce by promoting one form of education, in my opinion, at the expense of all of the other forms.

Forty years ago, colleges needed a PR campaign… We needed more people to get into higher education, but when we gave the big push for college back the in ‘70s, we did it at the expense of alternative education. In other words, we told people, ‘If you don’t get your degree, you’re going to wind up turning a wrench.’

The skills gap today, in my opinion, is a result of the removal of shop class and the repeated message that the best path for the most people happens to be the most expensive path.


This is why, in my opinion, we have $1.6 trillion of student loans on the books and 7.3 million open positions, most of which don’t require a four-year degree… We’re just disconnected. We’re rewarding behavior we should be discouraging. We’re lending money we don’t have to kids who are never going to be able to pay it back to train them for jobs that don’t exist anymore. That’s nuts.”

Does Mike Rowe indirectly suggest we should stop giving student loans for things like gender studies?

I sure hope so.

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You can’t be that smart if you’re paying $100,000 for a job that will only earn you $30,000 if you’re even lucky to get a job.




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