by Frank

December 10, 2020

Miami cops are looking for a suspect accused of knocking out a 70-year-old man who was just waiting to cross the street. The victim was knocked unconscious and ended up with a broken nose and a contusion on his head after being hit from behind and sent flying to the ground – for literally no reason at all other than the suspect being a totally rotten human soul.

The victim was identified as Cesar Martinez, who told reporters “He hit me in the head. I fell down, and I broke my nose. I got a contusion over here in my head. Somebody came from behind. I didn’t see nobody.”

The disturbing incident was was caught on camera, but police need help identifying the suspect.

Police in Miami Beach are searching for a man who, they said, knocked a man unconscious while he was waiting to cross the street.

Surveillance video from Nov. 21 showed a man wearing a light-colored shirt punching 70-year-old Cesar Martinez in the head at the corner of Alton Road and 10th Street.

Miami Beach Police spokesperson, Ernesto Rodriguez said this looks like a random and unprovoked attack since there doesn’t appear to have been any conversation that occurred before the sucker punch.

Imagine what it’s like to sock an older gentleman in the head for literally no reason.

I wonder what it will be like when the suspect drops the soap in jail and someone hits him from behind. Tsk Tsk…





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