by Frank

November 30, 2020

First Lady Melania Trump is good at staying out of the political drama and decorating like a such a boss, that even Martha Stewart might be jealous.

Trump revealed her latest White House Christmas decorations today, marking the fourth year that she’s participated in the annual holiday celebrations and decorations.

The White House issued a press release/statement that went into quite a bit of detail and provided a video for people to take a gander at all the decor she’s organized.

One thing her fans may adore is that this year’s theme is “America the Beautiful” and the White House started it’s description with this:

The First Family is celebrating their fourth Christmas in the White House. This year’s theme, “America the Beautiful,” is a tribute to the majesty of our great Nation. From coast to coast, our country is blessed with boundless natural wonders. The timeless treasures represented in this year’s holiday showcase remind us of the true American spirit. Together, we celebrate this land we are all proud to call home.

That introduction was followed by a much longer description of the decor that includes, but was not limited to, a dedication for Gold Star families and constant reminders of what many can be thankful for this holiday season.

President Donald Trump has some legal battles going on regarding the election and if he does not win, then this is essentially the last Christmas that the Trump family will spend in the White House as Joe Biden is set to take over in November.


Trump has already hinted at running for president in 2024, but there is no guarantee as that’s four years from now and anything can happen.

See the video on this link for a glimpse of Melania Trump’s White House Christmas reveal.




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