by Frank

January 10, 2020

Take that, Michelle Obama! Melania Trump has taken home the 2020 Woman of Distinction award for the work she’s done with charitable leadership and “Be Best.”

The award is officially called the Palm Beach Atlantic University 2020 Woman of Distinction, and there’s an event on February 19 celebrating the impact she’s made on the community, as reported on Western Journal.

“Our first lady is an exquisite human being, a magnificent wife and life partner, a superb mother and an outstanding first lady, who represents us brilliantly in the United States and worldwide,” Eileen Burns, co-chairwoman of the event, told The Palm Beach Post.

“Melania is a perfect example of a Woman of Distinction and we are most proud to honor her,” Burns said.

Co-chairwoman Frances Fisher added that Trump is only one of two first ladies who have been residents of Palm Beach; Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy stayed there in a “Winter White House” when he was president.

If you’re in the Palm Beach area and want to attend, then you’re probably out of luck. It’s reported that tickets for the event were actually sold out before they went on sale. The ticket sales proceeds will help benefit female students via a PBAU scholarship.

It seems like all that work Melania Trump puts into her “Be Best” initiative is paying off for the community and even getting herself a nice little bit of recognition.

It’s nice to see people pay her the respect she’s due when lots of mainstream media publications pay her no mind.




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