by Frank

August 14, 2021

I really like this side of Meghan McCain!

She is on absolute fire as she torches and scorches Joe Biden on his withdrawal from Afghanistan that apparently left people somewhat unprotected and now the Taliban is moving in faster than marbles on the floor of a skating rink.

McCain slammed Biden in a series of messages on Twitter, even referring to his decision as “absolutely shameful” and blaming him for the Taliban who gained territory rather quickly, probably because Americans weren’t there to whip their you know what into shape.

McCain was formerly on The View, a TV show that sucks big time, and thankfully she left – but she’s still giving us her views on things on social media, and that’s more than we can ask for.

Here’s what Meghan McCain said about Joe Biden and the Afghanistan situation:

Even if you thought leaving Afghanistan was the right decision -this is a reckless, dangerous, blundering, and embarrassing withdrawal. We left our translators, women, children, people who helped us for 20 years to be slaughtered & our president just called a lid until Wednesday

She makes a good point. Allies for 20 years and then oops, where’d we go? I want our troops home too, but I also know how important it must have felt to the families overseas who had protection, and now it’s like they don’t have any. Sounds like they need to build their own forces to combat evil.


Democrats like to wax poetic a lot about what my dad would have done and said (most of the time reinventing some weird fantasy of who he was). Let me tell you one god damn thing – he would be raging in public and to President Biden about this withdrawal in Afghanistan. Raging.

I can see this happening. John McCain caught a bad reputation among Trump supporters because he and Donald clashed like no other. But when it comes to things like this, I can see John McCain being furious at Biden and wanted to do something about it. That makes sense. Meghan would know better than any of us would.

This is an absolutely shameful moment for our country. Shame on this administration. God be with our allies and the women and children in Afghanistan.

Hopefully the men in Afghanistan have learned to fight and shoot their enemies if needed. They need to have strength and force to defeat their enemies. They can’t always rely on another country to protect them, but I do hope they’re safe and I hope our soldiers get there quick to keep everyone safe and dispel the enemies as needed.

Also – welcome to ISIS 3.0. Give credit to the Biden administration.

This is frightening because ISIS is no joke. They are ruthless, but if this turns into a situation like that, there’s plenty of American soldiers ready to drop some haymakers from the sky and do whatever is needed to put an end to terror.

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But do we really want things to get that bad?

I don’t think anyone wants us to be in any form of war.




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