by Frank

August 4, 2021

I did not see this coming and they probably didn’t either.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, most famous for having a standoff in front of their home with trespassing Black Lives Matter protesters, while they held guns, just got pardoned.

It was Republican Governor Michael Parson, of Missouri, who pardoned the gun-toting pair of all crimes related to the standoff that happened when the BLM protesters trespassed their their private neighborhood, and the McCloskey’s stood outside with guns.

The reason they stood outside with guns is likely because of all the videos we’ve seen where protests turn into riots and buildings are destroyed, people are hurt, and it’s complete chaos.

Remember this video:


The McCloskey’s were defending their home in the event that one of the peaceful protesters took a turn for the worse and either tried to loot their home, or perhaps attack the couple for no reason – all while they’re already trespassing, of course.

Gov. Parson pardoned some others too, but this was the most notable, or at least most well-known in terms of popularity among social media and the news. Gov. Parson didn’t have anything else to say about it though, according to Daily Wire.

Just for reference, the McCloskey’s did plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense, the husband, Mark, plead guilty to fourth-degree assault and got fined $750. Patricia plead guilty to second-degree harassment and got fined $2,000. They had to turn in their guns that were used that day of the trespassing protesters standoff as well.

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Mark was eventually seen in a gun store holding up a new piece that he planned to buy, but it’s unclear what the terms of his legal situation were. Holding a gun in a photo op and actually buying one are very different. He might be permitted to buy new ones, and maybe only had to turn in the ones they were using that day.

Daily Wire further reported on Mark’s statement after being pardoned:

“Today we are incredibly thankful that Governor Mike Parson righted this wrong and granted us pardons,” he added.

McCloskey attorney Joel Schwartz added that the couple is “thrilled” with Parson’s decision to pardon them.

“They want to put this episode of their lives behind them and focus on Mark’s campaign for senate. As Mark McCloskey has stated, if he faced the same situation again, he would conduct himself in the same manner, and he feels he’s been vindicated by the governor’s pardon,” Schwartz said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

We have seen enough video evidence to know that many BLM protests might start out peacefully, but some of them do turn into violent riots and that’s likely what caused the couple to stand outside of their home and protect it when they saw dozens of people trespassing on the property.

What would you do if a few dozen people showed up in your private neighborhood and you have seen horrible videos of protesters doing terrible things?

You can’t blame them for being a bit nervous.

Not every protester is a rioter, but it was a crazy year and the McCloskey’s were probably legitimately worried that something would happen, so they took action themselves.

If you remember, no one was hurt that day. No shots fired. Just some angry words back and forth.

People have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to trespass.

CORRECTION 8/7/21: previous version of article accidentally listed Parson as a Democrat. That was a dumb mistake.




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