by Frank

January 10, 2020

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slams Nancy Pelosi, says she already lost because she’s delaying sending the articles of impeachment to Senate, despite the previous urgency that Democrats suggested existed.

McCarthy then speaks with Laura Ingraham about the situation with Iran and he suggests that Democrats, and more specifically, socialist Democrats, are defending Iran over defending America.

He wants to hear the Democrats call the “bad guy” the BAD GUY based on his previous actions. Instead, the Democrats appear to call out Trump for acting without permission from Congress, despite taking out a known terrorist.

McCarthy appears confused as to why Democrats would appear to side with Iran over America. He says Trump handled this in a “masterful” way. Interesting enough, it was a surgical strike that was quick, efficient, and worked.

At this point, the Republicans and Democrats are heavily divided and America just took out a threat, making this world potentially safer.

Now imagine if Osama bin Laden was taken out earlier. Interesting way to look at it, right? That’s why Trump took action when he had the chance.


Towards the middle/end of the video, they go into the Democrats who called out Trump.

Catch the video with McCarthy and Ingraham here.

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