by Frank

December 13, 2020

Kevin McCarthy did not mince his words when he called out Democratic members of Congress. McCarthy said on his post, “If you’re a Democrat Member of Congress and you vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker on January 3rd, you’re also voting to put Eric Swalwell back on the Intel Committee.

Eric Swalwell is in the middle of a Chinese spy scandal in which he was rumored to be in cahoots with a woman who may, or may not have, put some moves on the farter.

Her nickname is Fang Fang which is funny, because we call Eric Swalwell Fart Fart. He may not be aware of that by now, but he definitely should be. His name should be changed to Eric “Doesn’t” Smell-Well.

If Fang Fang really is a Chinese spy, then you have to wonder why she or they selected Swalwell to get close to. Is it because he’s a complete moron? That might be true. Or maybe he knew all along. Of course, these are just my opinions and speculation, so I have to remind readers not to get my goofy words mixed with facts. This is just a possibility and a thought, not to be confused with concrete evidence.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi will have her fate as House Speaker decided in January when Congress can take another vote and hopefully replace her.

It’s time she goes home to clean up her rotten district ripe with homelessness and people defecating on sidewalks.





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