by Frank

September 10, 2021

Kevin McCarthy made a big anti-Joe Biden accusation, but we want to know what he’s gonna do about it!

McCarthy slammed Biden after he announced some vax mandates, saying he lied and posting one of Biden’s videos from months ago. McCarthy quoted Joe Biden and wrote: “No, I don’t think [vaccines] should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it be mandatory…” Biden on December 4, 2020 He lied.



OK and we already have our minds made up about President Joe Biden. There’s lot of people who don’t like him or any Democrats, but there’s a problem even bigger than this.


Are the Republicans like Kevin McCarthy just tweeting about it and then doing nothing?

Tweets don’t accomplish anything except get people riled up and commenting, but that doesn’t do anything about Joe Biden or Democrats.

TWEETS ARE POINTLESS and WE THE PEOPLE deserve much better and action to solve problems.

You want to know what the typical politician says on the Internet? They talk a lot of trash about the other side and then they say “donate to me to keep the fight going” and that’s nothing but a scam. Kevin didn’t ask for anything here, but it’s simply what a lot of politicians have been doing, and a lot of people have been falling for it. People think if they donate to a politician that something will get done, but that’s BS. The politicians have plenty of money, they just want yours because they’re making you think you’re helping.

Politicians who ask for donations are SCAMMING YOU and GRIFTING YOU out of your money.

These folks make 6-figure salaries, so they don’t need your money. THey should just do their job without asking for us to give them more money despite us already being taxed like crazy.

So what are YOU going to do, Kevin McCarthy!!

Politicians need to stop posting on Twitter and GET SOMETHING DONE.

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