by Frank

January 19, 2020

California Democrat Maxine Waters claims there could be more “impeachment activity” later this year and that Democrats aren’t stopping any time soon.

As the impeachment trial for Donald Trump unravels, it possible seems like Democrats will look for another way to take down Trump if this one fails.

Maxine Waters was seen on video talking about Trump and future impeachment actions. That video is posted below, after context from Free Beacon is provided.

As per a report on Free Beacon:

“The subpoenas that I have issued that have gone through the lower courts are now going to be heard at the Supreme Court in March,” Waters said during an appearance on MSNBC. “We will not stop. Whether or not that leads to another impeachment activity, I don’t know.”

Waters, who serves as chairwoman of the Financial Services Committee, has subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for President Donald Trump’s personal and professional financial records. She suspects these documents will point towards illicit behavior on the part of the president.




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