by Frank

September 23, 2021

Who’s paying these cowboys!? LOL!!!

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters conjures her inner Frederick Douglas and says what we’re witnessing at the border where agents on horseback are accused of whipping migrants with horse reins in hopes to deter them from breaking into America, is worse than what we witness in the times of slavery.

Despite most people with a working brain understanding that slavery in general was a lot worse than a few migrants being deterred by a horse, it was typical Maxine Waters to turn nothing into something massive and blow it way out of proportion. I’d like to see her go down to the border and try to solve some problems, but instead she just blabbers about it and she reminds me of that talking fish you hang on the wall – the large mouth bass, but she’s more like a large mouth something else…

large mouth maxine waters.

Waters also attempted to call out Joe Biden’s failing administration for following Trump’s plans, but if they had followed Trump’s plans – then we’d have a wall that might prevent a big number of illegal entries into the country. I don’t think any method will be 100% foolproof, but it would be somewhat difficult to scale a wall compared to the people who are basically just walking in as they cross the Rio Grande river.




Her attempt to call out Joe Biden was quite lame and she focused more on comparing the horsey situation to slavery, which is just mind-boggling stupid.

Maxine Waters is tossing around grade A racist rhetoric at it’s finest, and who else to spew it but the creature herself.

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I swear, she could try out for a role in the Predator movies and they’d save money on makeup by making her the main alien.

maxine waters predator





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