by Frank

December 23, 2020

Florida’s Rep. Matt Gaetz faced a little bit of backlash after he was seen singing karaoke in a video. He was at a small party singing close to others and he wasn’t wearing a mask.

This happened after former basketball player Rex Chapman, who faced felony charges back in 2014, shared the video on Twitter where it went viral for over a million views. The original video was posted on Instagram by a friend of Gaetz, reported Heavy. However it didn’t stay on Instagram very long as we can see.

Chapman criticized Gaetz, saying “Here’s Matt Gaetz in a confined space, indoors, maskless, gathering with others during the holidays — and being a jackass…”

WATCH Matt Gaetz sing the Wagon Wheel song:


Heavy further reported:


Gaetz defended himself as the video went viral. He tweeted that since he tested positive for antibodies, he poses “no risk to anyone.” Gaetz also jokingly remarked on his singing by writing, “Not my worst rendition of Wagon Wheel.”

At this time it’s unclear what Gaetz’s worst rendition of Wagon Wheel really is. It should also be noted that Florida does not have the same restrictions that other states might have.

Different cities and states are facing different situations depending on their own numbers and the decisions made by their local governments.

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