by Frank

July 19, 2021

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz stomps for Britney Spears while giving a sidewalk press conference like speech.

This isn’t the first time Gaetz said he wants to #FreeBritney and likely won’t be the last unless she wins her court battles over the conservatorship her father has over her.

Gaetz speaks out on her behalf briefly in the video above, but he made a much bigger statement when he appeared at a #FreeBritney rally in LA.

Gaetz said about Britney Spears, as stated on CBS Local:

“Britney has been abused by the media. She’s been abused by a grifter father, and she’s been abused by the American justice system,” Gaetz told the crowd outside the. And so we need to come together to create a federal cause of action, a federal change in the law that will free Britney and the millions of Americans who are impacted by a corrupt guardian system that empowers people to take advantage of the weak.”

“… There were grifters in this process that tried to act like they spoke for Britney, that they knew what she wanted,” he said. “Well now, the whole world knows what Britney Spears wants, and it is the freedom and the liberty that should be offered to every single American.”

Gaetz was speaking outdoors on a sidewalk in the video above because an event that he and Marjorie Taylor Greene were scheduled to have kept getting canceled – three times to be exact.


This event was more of a protest than anything. The protest with both Republican Reps took place just outside of City Hall in Riverside, CA, as stated on ABC News:

Instead, they held a protest outside City Hall in Riverside, where one of the events was canceled. An Anaheim spokesman had announced the latest cancellation hours before the rally was scheduled to begin.

“Here’s what they need to understand,” Greene told the crowd, according to the Press-Enterprise. “We’re going to put America first, we will not back down.”

Gaetz spoke next, saying, “Do you know why they’re so afraid of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene? Because we fight for you, not them,” according to the newspaper.

It’s unclear if Matt Gaetz can actually do anything for Britney Spears or if he’s simply jumping on the #FreeBritney bandwagon to get his name out there.

Britney Spears is in a legal battle against her father, so it’s unlikely there is anything Matt Gaetz can do other than show support.

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