by Frank

July 22, 2021

Joe Biden’s CNN town hall turned out to be worse than expected.

Every time I go on social media today, there’s a new video clip of Joe Biden stumbling through answers and at times, muttering incoherently during his conversation.

This video clip shows Joe Biden mention a man on the moon, aliens, and asking Don Lemon if HE’s OK.

Well Joe, are YOU OK? Because there are many times when we think you’re not, and despite lack of a medical doctor pointing something out, we can only guess what may or may not be going on.

Until Joe Biden or an official representative say something is OFF about him, then we can merely speculate, but my goodness, the speculation levels are high after this one.


When I see Joe Biden struggle like this, I just feel like the Democratic Party should be held legally responsible for putting this man through elder abuse. It’s criminal what they’re dragging him through and it’s a shame Jill Biden doesn’t pull him out of the White House and say “enough already, Joe” and go off into retirement.

Of course, that would leave us with a President Kamala Harris who would easily become the worst president in history and there’s a good chance no one could possibly top that.

She’s already the least talented and worst vice president we’ve had, and I don’t know who else could top that. Who would  be worse than she is? Maybe the hosts of The View, but that’s about it.

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Perhaps one day someone will take Joe Biden off this political stunt and send him to retirement, letting him live free and enjoy himself.

Being president can’t possibly be healthy for a 78-year-old who seems to struggle mentally.

Time for Joe to take a seat and pass the throne to someone else, just not Kamala Harris, because she’s honestly just an awful human being in general, and we don’t want her to embarrass our country anymore than she already has.




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