by Frank

July 16, 2021

NC Lt. Gov Mark Robinson speaks out against indoctrination by far-left liberal teachers and demands that students be taught HOW to think, and not WHAT to think.

Robinson told this to the NC Senate Committee on Education: “It is not our job to take these kids into the classroom and teach them anything else but the facts. It is time to teach our children HOW to think not WHAT to think.”

This man is standing up for the betterment of education and demanding that teachers focus on teaching students the basics and how to think for themselves without interjecting their personal politics or agenda into the classroom.

Thank goodness MOST teachers are not like this, but some really do push their own thoughts into the minds of students and it needs to stop.

WATCH Robinson roast them with the facts:


The old saying goes like this, if you know which political direction a teacher leans towards, then they have not done their job in presenting a balanced education to the student.

No students should ever know who a teacher voted for or what side of the political pendulum they’re swinging.

In the meantime, some teachers (not most) are pushing to teach critical race theory and many parents are fighting against it.

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Can’t we just get an education system that teaches instead of indoctrinating? Well, folks – we have it – but the problem is that not every teacher or parent wants it. Some teachers and parents want their students indoctrinated.

Then you have class clowns like Randi Weingarten, whose AFT (a national teacher’s union), who is still pushing for CRT to be in the classrooms.

WATCH Randi spew pro-CRT nonsense and tell me this doesn’t rattle your nerves:

In my opinion, most teachers don’t even like Randi and her national union is literally pointless.

There is not one single teacher, student, or school in all of America (in my opinion) that needs any representation by a national union. If you ask me, Randi is a giant grifter and so is her union. She acts like we the people need her, but we don’t.

We don’t need Randi or indoctrination.

Remove both of those from education and it’s a step in the right direction for the betterment of all students in the public education system.

Now if you want to talk about why public education fails in certain neighborhoods, well then – just look at the parents.

Some don’t care about education, and if mommy and daddy don’t care, then little Timmy isn’t caring either.




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