by Frank

July 13, 2021

Here’s the moment someone tossed a lit firework into a convertible and exactly what you think happens – happens.

The convertible is stopped at a red light, following the law and doing the right thing. But then a sedan pulls up next to it, on the left, and someone rolled down the window and tossed the lit firework into the convertible.

And of course, they drive away as the thing explodes in the driver’s vehicle.

You know, they probably had a mid-life crisis when they bought the thing, but now someone’s ruining their day with some nonsense.

Come on man, they’re living the dream, let them be! You know how mad I would be if I just got that car after having one heck of a year, and then some nitwit tosses a firecracker in it! Oh man, I cannot believe this car didn’t chase them down and at least catch the license plate. Probably too busy putting out that fireworks display in the back seat.

I guess the backseat won’t be getting any other action anytime soon, how chicka bow wow.


Fox News stated: “Colin Kirby says he’s grateful to be alive after someone tossed a lit firework into his convertible on July 4. He suffered minor burns. Nashville Police are looking for three suspects.

WATCH it happen and I warn ya, it’s loud when it goes bang.

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