by Frank

September 7, 2021

Sen. Lindsey Graham said years ago that the United States will have to send military BACK to Afghanistan to continue the war on terror. This video is from 2017 and took place in a special episode of HardTalk.

As stated on the YouTube video description: “In a special edition of the programme filmed at the Ambrosetti Forum at Lake Como, Stephen Sackur speaks to the Republican senator Lindsey Graham. He has been critical of President Trump on a number of issues but has also praised his decision to commit more troops to the war in Afghanistan. What are his concerns about Donald Trump’s approach to foreign and domestic policy.”



Now here’s the thing – we already did send troops BACK to Afghanistan. You know when? When Joe Biden started the withdrawal and then had to send the troops back to evacuate citizens, because Joe Biden and his plan were completely backwards.


Anyone who passed the third grade can tell you the logical order to complete an Afghanistan withdrawal is the following:

  1. destroy the enemy
  2. bring our people home
  3. bring our things home
  4. bring our troops home and leave everything else in the dust.

But no, the weak president named Joe Biden was trying to appease the Taliban and stick to an August 31st deadline so he didn’t tip toe his puppet feet on their “red line” – basically got bullied by guys who wear sandals all day and don’t know how to fire an RPG without shooting their pecker off.

We, the powerhouse of the world, got bullied by a bunch of goons.

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Lindsey Graham’s prediction in 2017 will ultimately come true now because the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan and who knows what they’ll be plotting next.

You know, it would be nice if they just all got along and we all made tons of money, had tons of babies, and everyone on the planet was nice to each other.

Why can’t that happen?

Why can’t we send Lindsey Graham to Afghanistan? It’s not like he does anything useful here anyway. Just one of those all talk, no action guys who shows up on TV once in a while.




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