by Frank

August 21, 2021

My bird, my choice?

Here’s a video clip of some dude shooting at nuisance birds on a golf course. He’s got a shotgun and who knows if he even hit anything. Maybe the guy was just trying to scare the birds away.

And of course, there’s some radical leftists getting in his way. One lady literally stands in front of the older gentleman as he’s holding a gun – and this is all over a bird?



Now here’s the fun part. Some of these same liberals will be first in line protesting to support abortion.


This guy is basically aborting the birds from the sky if you want to word it that way.

Meanwhile. the women are standing up for BIRDS, but do they even care about the unborn? Would these women be protesting for women’s right to abort their baby?

Let’s laugh at this even more. The National Geographic website says there are a ridiculous amount of birds on the planet. It says “New research estimates there are between 50 billion and 430 billion birds on Earth.”

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

OK, so Joey Shotgun over there at the golf course can’t slap a few birds out of the sky so the private club has a better time? Or maybe he was just scaring them away? We really don’t know, and don’t really care either.

Now if that man was shooting a bald eagle or something rare, then it would be a problem. Chances are, he’s probably shooting at a goose and they crap everywhere the size of baby turds. It’s disgusting. I know this because I live next to a rundown golf course that no one plays on and it’s covered in goose poop. It’s like if a single mom got home late from stripping, finally took her kid for a walk at 7am, but didn’t want to change the diaper and just dumped it on the sidewalk for no reason. Or like the people who let their dog defecate on the sidewalk, those people are a special kind of lazy and rotten.

That’s how big the goose turds are, and they’ve got a creepy green tint to them around here. So I can appreciate getting the geese to fly away and go somewhere else. You can’t even talk about it until you’ve stepped in a few and man, they’re squishy.

So don’t mind me if I’m cheering on the guy scaring birds away.

But what about abortion? Are these nutty women going to stand in front of Planned Parenthood and tell women not to abort their baby?

Nope. You probably won’t see that, because my body, my choice.

Well, fine, you can have your choice all you want, but don’t be getting in this man’s face if he’s scaring some birds away or one drops in the pond.

Hypocrites, I tell ya… y’all need to look at the man in the mirror like Michael Jackson said.




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