by Frank

November 18, 2019

Steve Martin performed a silly King Tut skit on Saturday Night Live in 1978. Some liberal arts college students are saying it’s racist. Sadly, this once again proves that some liberal arts college students have no sense of humor, they probably weren’t born when this came out, and they seem to be very insufferable people. Racist this, cultural appropriation that… all from people who are probably very white privileged on a $1000 iPhone complaining about a comedy sketch from the late 70’s.

Newsweek’s article stated that “Steve Martin’s seminal “King Tut” sketch is being blasted as cultural appropriation by a group of students at a prestigious liberal arts college in Oregon after the classic “Saturday Night Live” parody was played in a humanities course.

The sketch, created by Martin in 1978 to parody the hysteria and commercialization surrounding a traveling Tutankhamun exhibit, has outraged students who say the sketch is the cultural equivalent of blackface because one of the side actors emerged from a sarcophagus with his face painted gold.”

The students who complained about Steve Martin’s King Tut video watched it during a humanities course that is apparently “designed for students to “to engage in original, open-ended, critical inquiry.”

This is where it gets really bad.

The “students said they should not be forced to take the course until different coursework is given because the sketch is racist.”


Here’s Steve Martin’s King Tut sketch video from SNL in 1978.

Any complaints about the video can be sent directly to Steve Martin himself.

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