by Frank

December 23, 2020

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar went on the prowl against President Trump during an interview with Rachel Maddow. During the interview, Klobuchar suggested that Trump holding up the relief bill was an “attack on every American” despite the fact Trump was calling for Americans to receive a stimulus check of $2,000 instead of the measly $600 Congress wants to give.

Klobuchar, clearly refused to agree with Trump that struggling Americans who might be out of work or facing evictions clearly need more than the $600, because there is no way Trump can possibly ever be right about anything and you can never keep an unhinged person like Klobuchar happy. She’s just too out of touch.

Except, anyone facing an eviction or job loss right now might be wondering why the relief bill alongside the omnibus, are sending so much money across seas for foreign aid when Americans are in need too. Something that Klobuchar may want to reexamine if she ever has the nerve to do so.

Trump said in a video that he wants Americans to receive $2,000 instead of the $600. It’s somewhat mind baffling that a Democrat would be against the president arguing to give Americans more.

Klobuchar said, and she is 100% wrong about it, that Trump holding up the bill “is an attack on every American – people who are struggling to get by right now, out of work. … Unemployment is basically going to end the day after Christmas if this doesn’t pass… Democrats are pushing for more funds for the individual payments, but in the end, this was a negotiation, and [Trump] knows very well, we’re reaching the end here with our unemployment. Small businesses can’t take it anymore.”

Unfortunately for many of us, the House Democrats can override Trump if he vetoes it and turns down the $900 billion legislation that’s spanned over 5,000 pages, many of which the members of Congress may not have read yet.


Klobuchar chomped on, saying that Trump “should not be doing this right now when his own Treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, was involved in the negotiations from beginning to end… He is literally trying to burn this country down on the way out.”

To counter Klobuchar, when many Americans found out about the relief bill and the omnibus package, and saw how much money was going to foreign aid and places like the Kennedy Center, that’s likely what really triggered Americans into being irritated by the $600 they would receive.

Kennedy Center got $25 million last time and they sent the musicians packing. Did their $25 million run out already? Did all the money they have from donors run out too?

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If there’s one thing Americans on the right and left need to learn from this, it’s that the government does not care about you.

Maybe we can stop fighting with each other and start working towards electing people who actually like us.

You know, we live here and all.

Watch Klobuchar fail the vibe test:




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