by Frank

July 21, 2021

Knock knock, it’s the illegal immigrants here to party at President Joe Biden’s non-secure border while Kamala Harris parties in El Paso and AOC whips up some drinks behind the bar.

All jokes aside, we have Sen. John Kennedy asking Joe Biden’s secretary why the border isn’t secure against illegal migration and it seems like they don’t really have an acceptable answer.

Kennedy’s questioning took place during today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, with Kennedy coming up with some good questions and statements and Biden’s secretary possibly feeling like he’s just not giving the best answer because they probably can’t say it out loud.

Tom Vilsack serves as the United States Secretary of Agriculture. He’s being quietly badgered by Sen. Kennedy. And honestly, I think Vilsack really just wants to throw his hands in the air like he just don’t care and say “Man, Joe Biden stinks and Kamala stinks, and the whole operation stinks and we failed to secure the border and we made mistakes.”

And if Vilsack said something like that, then he’d be a front-runner for president in 2024 if he desired to run.


What we need in politics is more honesty and when something doesn’t work, for people to admit they made the wrong decision and to fix it.

You won’t see Kamala Harris apologize for her shortcomings, which is pretty much her entire career at this point.

We didn’t like her when she ran for president, and we don’t like her now as a vice president.

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We certainly don’t have a high approval rating of how she’s handling the border humanitarian crisis.

So, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden – when will the border be secure? When will Cubans get help? When will inflation be fixed?

We have so many questions and no good solutions.

We the people demand our government fix it or we will vote them out!




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